Finding Affordable Investments in Australia

When it comes to property investment, Australia offers a plethora of opportunities across various cities and towns. Your choice of property type, location, suburb, and budget will be crucial in aligning with your investment goals, whether it’s long-term wealth creation, passive income, retirement planning, or a combination of these objectives.

To maximize your investment returns, it’s essential to consider certain fundamental aspects. While not every property exhibits all these features, they serve as guidelines to enhance your chances of a robust return on investment.

Key Investment Property Fundamentals

Location Matters Undoubtedly, the location is a critical factor influencing a property’s long-term value. As a finite resource, land tends to appreciate over time. The rising population further escalates demand, particularly in areas close to employment hubs, contributing to increased property values and rental yields.

Employment Opportunities Proximity to employment centers significantly impacts a region’s desirability. Areas near major job hubs, offering diverse employment options, often experience high demand. Cities with a concentration of high-paying industries witness increased property values, as residents can afford higher property prices and rents.

Transport Connections While a property’s proximity to an employment hub is vital, good transport links can also enhance desirability. Accessible public transport and upcoming infrastructure projects can significantly contribute to a suburb’s appeal.

Choosing the Ideal Suburb for Investment

In a city or larger town, the location can be further dissected into regions, suburbs, neighborhoods, and streets. Opting for a suburb that appeals to owner-occupiers is crucial for long-term growth. Factors such as residential surroundings, lifestyle amenities, proximity to good schools, and low crime levels should be prioritized.

Features to Look For:

  • Proximity to a wide range of employment
  • Parks, recreation facilities, beaches, and outdoor spaces
  • Good school catchment
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Shops and essential services
  • Good transport connections

Features to Avoid:

  • Industrial areas
  • Flight paths
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poor transport connections
  • Areas with high crime rates

These are all features and considerations Keystone Urban Development researches as part of our market research. With $134.5m in completed projects and another $194m in active projects, investors looking to purchase a Keystone product will be have another secure asset in their investment portfolio. When the time comes to cash out, rest assured that our products are always in high demand, delivering returns that consistently exceed expectations. If you are wanting to know more about our active projects, even the projects yet to go public, contact us today!